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It's Meow or Never For Ferals, Inc.

Trap-Neuter-Return: The no-kill solution to stray cat overpopulation in and around Tallahassee, FL.

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It's Meow Or Never For Ferals, Inc., (IMON) is a nonprofit charitable organization concerned with the welfare of our community cats (Leon and surrounding areas including Taylor County, FL).  IMON’s mission is two-fold: to perform outreach and educational activities to better inform, advise, and assist caring citizens with trap-neuter-return (TNR); to advocate for better ordinances and policies pertaining to stray and feral cats, and their caretakers.

Our Thanks To:

Animal Medical Clinic

a superstar COLONY SPONSOR


2701 Mahan Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32308-5407
(850) 878-8288

Be The Solution, Inc. & Gerry Phipps

Provides Tallahassee residents with low cost spay and neuter surgeries for companion animals.  If you meet the voucher requirements, you can have your pet “fixed” with just a $5 co-pay.  Be The Solution is also partnering with IMON on fundraising through the sale of our Gourmet Coffee. 

    Voucher info:

Phone: (850) 545 - 2043


Traci G. Klepper, Vice President

Geiger & Associates

Public Relations


for their terrific ongoing support.


In memory of Nancy Harrison - IMON Vice President, Mary Kay Specialist, wonderful friend: You were the best!  We miss you more than we can say, and the citizens you graciously assisted miss you.  You are irreplaceable!


Naturally Health Pet Store

1850 Thomasville Road
(850) 576-7387


Next to Red Elephant and Beef O'Brady's


PAWS Pet Boutique

3491 Thomasville Rd

(850) 222- PAWS (7297)


In the Killearn Center, next to Bone Fish & Hobby Lobby


Panhandle Pet Supply

for supporting National Feral Cat Day and placing IMON donation containers in their stores.

400 Capital Circle SE - 656-7881

3661 N Monroe St - 562-4100




IMON's purpose is to reduce the population of stray and feral cats by utilizing humane and community-centric methods.  In plain language, folks, together we can prevent future litters of kittens from being born with as much kindness as possible - we can decrease the dreadfully high number of cats and kittens euthanized every year. 




















IMON is not a rescue or shelter!

We are not set up to foster or house kittens and cats for adoption.  IMON will maintain an online resource list for those organizations that do foster and house cats and kittens for adoption. IMON cannot take on the responsibility for animal care or placement.  IMON may offer to assist by providing vouchers (when funds are available and appropriate) for spay/neuter/vaccinate at the Animal Aid Spay & Neuter Center.  IMON may also loan traps to caretakers and concerned citizens who perform TNR. 

Update: May 2014

IMON is critically low on funds to issue vouchers for spay/neuter/vaccination.


Update: February 2014

We are expanding our mission to include the Taylor County area. If you are looking for information on adopting a colony, donation locations, and pickup or drop off of supplies please call the number below. 


Contact IMON

(Leon and surrounding areas)





(Taylor County)


Phone: 850-838-9293









As required by Florida law, It's Meow or Never For Ferals, Inc, is a

501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization fully registered with the following:

Federal IRS

Florida Division of Corporations

Florida Department of Agriculture Registration



Message from the President


Funds may be low, but IMON keeps on kicking on behalf of community cats.  Nancy Harrison, IMON's VP, food bank coordinator and no-nonsense-go-getter, passed away in December of a sudden illness.  We miss her terribly, but we have been determined to carry on.  Yaeli Rockwell and Kerry Hyde have stepped up to help with all that Nancy had been doing.  On behalf of the cats and their caretakers, we say a big "THANK YOU" to these wonderful ladies.


Food Bank

Kitties need lots of good food to promote a strong immune system and allow them to endure the hardships of living in dangerous environments.  


Donations of cat food & kitty litter may be dropped off at:



     2103 Pink Flamingo Lane

     Click here for a map  

     Donations may be left on the front



     Be The Solution

    Tallahassee Mall, 2415 North Monroe

     (two doors from Barnes & Noble & across from Payless Shoes).

     11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday.


By the way, we still have some hay and Diatomaceous Earth available for kitty shelters --- just let us know if you can use any of these supplies.  Storage containers for shelters are out of stock because vouchers for spay/neuter take priority.
Our list of requests for help with stray and feral cats continues to increase. We have a waiting list for vouchers, as well as TNR assistance.  The need is just so great out there.   But, I'm so grateful that we are at least able to do something instead of just feeling helpless and doing nothing.   Many of you wonderful folks are out there on your own doing TNR in your own home and work neighborhoods ---- and this out of the goodness of your hearts and pockets, too!!   One nearby community has begun to hold mass TNR events: with the volunteer support of local Vets, techs and citizens they trap as many as they can on a Saturday, get 'em fixed and vaccinated on a Sunday, then released back to the cats' home territories on Monday unless further care is needed, of coarse.  Truly amazing!  We at IMON hope that method of proactive advocacy will spread to Leon county.  Through efforts of Yaeil and other volunteers, IMON was able to donate a new "Drop Trap" to that community to assist their efforts.


I do believe good things are happening for the kitties in our community, and its because of all you kind and compassionate folks out there!   I don't even want to imagine how bad it could be if no such efforts were being made!!   So keep up the good work!  Keep the faith!  And God bless all of you for continuing to support IMON with your generous donations of money, supplies, time, effort, and prayers!  
On behalf of the kitties,
Mary Bishop-White
President and Cat Advocate
It's Meow or Never for Ferals, Inc.


"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." ---Mother Teresa


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It's Meow or Never For Ferals, Inc.

P.O Box 12326

Tallahassee, FL 32317